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Janamitram is a fast growing conglomerate headquartered in calicut. Known for their constant passion towards innovation in the online payment solutions , freelance business and travel sectors. This kerala born group is working on numerous projects both inside and outside the state. While operating a b2b2c business model we have complete solution for all payments in offline mode. It's on February 15th 2019 when we have decided to serve as well as to show the best to the people around us. We like to explore the world as well as the people around us and make their lives easier with the strategies we have made and help them to build a business of their dream

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Where we work with and for you , in every possible sector of ours. We market your business both online and offline and make sure it reaches our target audience. Our well trained team will keep in touch with you and guide you at any time you choose.

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Working with the customers and working for the customer always differs. Anyway the first option is what we choose over the second. We stand, do business and level up handholding our customers and still put their needs as our primary concern.

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